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We are Brendan and Sam Binger,
a twenty-something couple travelling across America fulltime via 36-ft RV.
We left our house and our hometown, packed up our lives and our pets, and hit the open road.
We live a lifestyle of nomadic digital entrepreneurship, seeking adventure, simplicity, exploration, and experience.
Here you’ll find words, photos and videos which chronicle our ongoing journey.
We hope that you will join us as we traverse the US, in search of a life among pines.

Brendan & Sam Binger - Full-time RVers

The Journey So Far

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Our Latest Updates

It’s an RV Christmas – Decorating for the Holidays

I absolutely love all things related to Christmas. The twinkly lights, the bright-colored ribbons, the fresh pine trees, the ...

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Reflections on our First Year of Nomadic Living

A couple days ago, we reached our three-hundred-sixty-fifth day of “road life.” Naturally, this has us in a state of reflection ...

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Recap: Lone Pine Round Two

On our journey of full-time RVing, our first-ever boondocking location was in Lone Pine, California, in a federally-protected area known as ...

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2/59 Death Valley National Park

Our visit to Death Valley National Park began with a scenic drive up CA-127 through expansive, sweeping California desert scenery. We then ...

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