Visiting Oasis Palms RV Resort in Indio, California

We left Blair Valley the morning of March 5th, en route to Los Angeles for some minor RV repairs through our extended warranty. After two weeks in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, we were ready to move on, but we were not due to arrive in Los Angeles until March 6th. This meant we had a day to kill, and we were also in dire need of a water tank refill and some clean laundry. At the suggestion of our awesome friends, Mandy and Kevin from “188sqft,” we decided to give Oasis Palms RV Resort a try for a single night. Here, we would have water and shore power hookups for the night, which are both a certain rarity for us.

I’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts, but I’ll say it again. Even though we live in an RV, we are really not RV park people. Before Oasis Palms, we had stayed in one RV park, and, since then, we have not visited another. It’s not that we have something against RV parks, but more so that we just really prefer boondocking. One of the biggest reasons we made the jump into fulltime RVing was our great desire to be as close to nature as possible. We love to wake up in the morning and look out our window to see mountains, desert, forest, or whatever beautiful view is waiting for us outside. When we wake up in an RV park, our morning views usually consist of another RV, and, for us, it’s just not the same. We also like the relative privacy of boondocking and the fact that we can often allow our dogs to run off-leash. For us, it’s just ultimately a better experience.

That being said, as far as RV parks go, Oasis Palms RV Resort was amazing. Our first RV park was dirty and lacking in many ways. However, Oasis Palms was beautiful, covered in lush grass and citrus trees, whose fruit we were permitted to pick. The park itself was well-maintained and very scenic, and we remarked to each other quite a few times that it looked like a golf course.

However, the best part of all was the 24/7 hot tub only a five-minute walk outside our front door. We are both huge hot tub fans (who isn’t?), and we took full advantage of this added perk. The park was also very inexpensive, costing only $20 per night with our Passport America discount. This was certainly affordable, especially for such a nice park.

We were able to do all our laundry right in the RV using our combo washer/dryer, which is always awesome. We often run a load between water fill-ups if we have extra water, but this often results in not having everything clean all at once. However, a wash/dry cycle take 2-3 hours to complete in our combo machine, and we had at least 6 or 7 loads to do, since the machine is compact and RV-sized. We soon realized that one day would not be enough time to do all our wash, and we also found that there were several activities to do nearby that we wouldn’t have time to do if we stayed only one night. We made a quick call to the RV repair shop we were headed to, and they said it would be totally fine if we came one day later than planned. We were stoked to get to stay another night!

That second day at Oasis Palms RV Resort gave us an opportunity see some nearby sights that we thought we had missed out on. Oasis Palms was only about forty-five minutes from where we had stayed outside of Joshua Tree National Park for a month. However, we somehow hadn’t made the time to see two places we had really wanted to see: a date farm/palm forest and Slab City/Salvation Mountain. By staying in the area once again, even though we had not originally planned to, we received a second chance to see this places.

We got up nice and early, and headed out to the date farm, where we explored the little cafe and date shop and sampled all sorts of different flavors and varieties of dates. We brought our favorite type home, and they were perfect for adding a natural sweetener to smoothies and shakes. After visiting the date shop, we were a bit sad to find that the many rows of palm trees we had wanted to walk amongst were closed. Disappointed, we decided to move on to Salvation Mountain, about an hour away.

The route from Coachella to Slab City was about an hour, and it took us through the many scenic desert views and all the way around the Salton Sea. While many of these areas looked worn and dilapidated, we often find these more off-the-beaten path areas appealing, as they offer a taste of what the region is actually like. While en route to Slab CIty, we noticed another palm farm, but this one was not gated off. We pulled over and spent a few minutes walking amongst the palms as we had planned. With this crossed off the list, we hopped back on the road and drove the remainder of the distance to Slab City.

We first heard of Slab City and Salvation Mountain in the movie adaption of the book Into the Wild. This is one of our all-time favorite movies/adventure stories, and we were so stoked to get to visit somewhere that Christopher McCandless (Alexander Supertramp) had seen during his travels throughout the US.

We enjoyed exploring the Salvation Mountain area, where there were many rooms of varied sculptures, all brightly colored and extremely unique. We learned that the entire sculpture was built by one man, Leonard Knight (1931-2014), who wanted the sculpture to reflect the beauty of God’s love as he saw it and serve as a beacon of hope and light to all those passing by or passing through. The structure took Knight over 4 years to build and is covered in over a half million gallons of paint. Many years later, it still requires constant upkeep, which many volunteers come to help out with. We found it all very interesting, and we loved Knight’s simple, intended message: “God is Love.”

With both sightseeing ventures out of the way, we returned to Oasis Palms to get some work done and finish doing our laundry. That evening, we enjoyed another late-night hot tub/pool session under the stars, and, this time, we remembered to bring wine.
The next morning, we got up early and packed up, not wanting to go so soon. However, we had an important appointment to keep, so we said goodbye to our beautiful desert oasis the morning of March 7th. We were excited to have our RV repairs completed and excited to see Los Angeles, but we were not necessarily ready to leave our favorite RV park yet. Should we ever find ourselves in the area again, we will most definitely be making another stop at Oasis Palms RV Resort, and, next time, we will stay for much longer.

Have you visited Indio, California before? What did you think? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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