Why RVing is the Best Way to Travel

Traveling and encountering new places is one of the most fundamentally exciting human experiences. Whether one visits a city an hour away, a state all the way across the country, or a country halfway around the world, each journey traveled imparts new and invigorating experiences for the traveler. To explore never-before-seen places and regions is to learn, grow, and change as a person. All of this being said, travel is an incredible thing, and, yet, there are so many different ways to do so.

Some travel by plane to new countries and states, others by car to various hotels, and still others by private boat or cruise ship. More adventurous folks may decide to travel by motorcycle, bike, or even on foot, with nothing but a backpack in tow. Among all these different excursion methods, there is travel via RV (recreational vehicle), which, in my opinion, is the best, most enjoyable way to travel.

Whether your RV of choice is a motorhome, a trailer, or a camper-van, each RV journey is an adventure of epic proportions and is sure to be a memorable experience for all involved. Here, I will highlight all of the reasons why I believe travel via RV is the best way to travel, in hopes of inspiring your next RV expedition.

Eastern Oregon has some very desolate roads full of lovely views!

No suitcases!

When you travel in an RV, you have no need for a suitcase! In fact, on my first trip in our RV, I threw all my clothes and toiletries into a laundry basket, loaded it into the RV and put everything away in the drawers and cabinets before we had even left the driveway. The plentiful storage in most RVs will provide plenty of room to house anything and everything that you may need to bring with you. There is no need to limit your travel items, and there is also no need to live out of a suitcase for the duration of your trip. Just simply load all your necessities into your RV and hit the road, no bags or duffels required.

Convenience (bathroom/kitchen access)

Think about it for a second. When you travel from one destination to another in an RV, you are bringing with you all the conveniences of home. This includes a full kitchen and a bathroom! If you are traveling in a motorhome, you have access to a full fridge and kitchen while driving, taking road trip snacking to a whole new level. You also have a bathroom just a few steps away, so there is no longer a need to stop at travel centers for snack and bathroom breaks. If you are traveling with a fifth wheel or travel trailer, a quick stop along the side of the road gives you access to the bathroom and kitchen, all just a few feet away from your truck. This is so much more convenient and less stressful than having to find the nearest bathroom as soon as possible during traditional road trips.

When traveling in a motorhome, you have a full kitchen at your disposal at all times!

While RVing, we’re able to travel with a full kitchen and fridge!

Bring your pets!

One of the caveats of traditional travel, whether by plane, car or train, is that you will be staying in hotels, which means that you will most likely be unable to bring your family pet(s). Even if you do manage to find some pet-friendly hotels, the entire experience will be much more difficult, given that you cannot leave pets in hotel rooms and must find all dog-friendly activities to do. While traveling in an RV, bringing your pet along for the ride is easy and convenient. There is no need to pay for an expensive dog hotel when you can bring Fido along with you, and most dogs would prefer the experience of being able to stay with their family, rather than being boarded.

Almost all campgrounds are pet-friendly, many containing specific dog park and dog run areas. If/when you want to go out for a non-dog-friendly activity, your pet can comfortably stay behind in the RV at the campground. RVing provides vacations that the entire family can come along for, making it more fun for everyone.

More comfortable for everyone

If you select a motorhome as your RV, traveling from one destination to another becomes much more comfortable. Not only do you have the convenience of the bathroom and kitchen, as mentioned above, but you also have much more room and comfortable seating. Most motorhomes come equipped with seatbelts in the couch and the dinette, so the backseat travelers will have a comfy place to relax and watch the landscapes change outside the big windows. Even the driver and passenger seat are much more comfortable than a traditional vehicle, with loads more leg room and plush seating.

In addition, there is a lot more room in an RV for toys, so kids will be easily entertained while driving. Some motorhomes even have a TV in the main living area, which is perfect for traveling with children. If you bring your pet along, they will have plenty of places to lie down as well. This is by far the comfiest way to travel for the entire family.

Traveling in a motorhome is especially comfortable for pets!

Traveling in a motorhome is so comfortable when you can ride on the couch or dinette!


Traveling in an RV is one of the cheaper ways to travel! While you may be paying more for gas, this is significantly off-set by the lowered cost of lodging. Campgrounds average $30-$50 per night, as opposed to potentially paying $100+ per night for one or two hotel rooms to house the whole family. In addition, since your RV has a full kitchen, you can save some money cooking some meals at home or around the campfire, as opposed to eating out for every meal. RVing provides the potential for much cheaper family vacation, maybe even leaving room for more than one trip per year.

Campgrounds are fun!

When you travel and stay in a hotel, there aren’t too many activities provided, besides maybe a pool and/or jacuzzi. At a campground, you will also find a pool and jacuzzi, but, in addition, you can typically find a game room, a playground, and many organized activities for kids, including movie nights, games, and much more. While you may be visiting a certain area for sightseeing, it’s nice to have a fun place to come back to each night or even a place to relax for a day or two in between day trips. Nightly campfires at your site will surely make your RV vacation fun and memorable for both you and your kids. Staying at a campground is much more fun than staying at a hotel, and at a lower price point, it’s hard to argue over which is the better option.

KOA campgrounds are fun for the whole family!

Campgrounds are fun for the entire family!

As such a fun, convenient, comfortable, and affordable mode of travel, RVing is an excellent choice for your next getaway. With thousands of excellent RV dealerships across the country and even more excellent campgrounds to stay at, what’s stopping you from beginning your next adventure today? When planning your vacation this year, consider an RV trip for fun the entire family can enjoy.

White Sands National Monument in Southern New Mexico looks like a sandy, tropical beach!

Have you taken taken a road trip in an RV before? What did you think? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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